What is a redoubt and should I have one?

March 2019

A redoubt is a defensive fortification from the French and Italian verb "to lead back". The picture you see is redoubt 10 from the Battle of Yorktown during the American Revolutionary War that was taken by the Americans under the command of The Frenchman, Marquis de Lafayette. And the point is....

The future by definition is uncertain. Did I ever think I would live for three days under Martial Law with dusk til dawn curfews? Nope, but it did happen to me in Los Angeles during the riots of 1992. A rural piece of land is a great place for your own redoubt to escape the concrete jungle for the weekend and to have a place for a bug out location. I truly hope not to see another day of civil unrest but only a fool would think it won't happen again. Civil rest from either nature or man will happen and it may help you sleep a little better at night knowing you have a place to go if you have to BUG OUT. Your redoubt may be several things. It could simply be a piece of raw land with a buried cache of supplies. Or, it could be a parked RV on the property or a cabin, yurt, or tiny house. There are a multitude of strategies and scenarios from the simple to the complex for your personal redbout.